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Dr. Will Miller (affectionately known as "Dr. Will") is one of the nation's most respected authorities on stress & coping, interpersonal relationships, organizational health.  A former headline comedian and late night show host, Dr. Will brings a unique (and lively) perspective to the corporate and private challenges of today's fast-paced, low-interaction culture.

As an avid lifelong student and teacher, Dr. Will is a licensed therapist with five graduate degrees; he has authored five books, and consults for - and frequently speaks to - corporate and not-for-profit organizations seeking insight on relationship building and stress management.  He also serves as an adjunct professor for Purdue University where he leads an online masters course on ethics in business communication. You'll find Dr. Will roaming neighborhood stages across America and over the airwaves helping audiences rediscover their best life through meaningful relationships. And as any good neighbor would do, he's always looking for opportunities to introduce you to a few of his friends.

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Refrigerator Rights

How many people in your life have REFRIGERATOR RIGHTS?

How many people are you really, truly, connected to—not by social media, email, or phone, but by human interaction and a solid social support system?

Has relocating left you isolated from your core family and friends?

Is the lack of close relationships ruining your emotional and physical health?

In their new International Best Selling Book, Dr. Will Miller and Dr. Glenn Sparks have determined “the core challenge to our sense of contentment is in our lifestyle.” They offer the concept of REFRIGERATOR RIGHTS—the importance of having people in your life who can literally help themselves to the contents of your refrigerator without needing your permission.

Understanding REFRIGERATOR RIGHTS can help you:

  • Relieve stress
  • Reduce feelings of depression
  • Develop meaningful connections

The Facts Will Change Your Life!

This 2nd edition of REFRIGERATOR RIGHTS includes dramatic, updated studies that reveal how our fast-paced, technology-driven culture has further impacted our close relationships and increased our need for friends who enjoy refrigerator rights in our homes.

Refrigerator Rights - A Message for All Audiences

Your Graduation Stories Wanted

We're looking for your stories to be part of our updated version of Graduation Jolt so we want to give you a copy now and encourage you to send your stories in return. Truth be told, our publisher complimented this version of the book as an accurate depiction of the Graduation Jolt dilemma. They also told us it was a "dull read." In an effort to bring the narrative alive, we are turning to our readers and listeners to breathe new life into the book. We'd love to hear your stories of how the shock of life after college affected you or your children. What did you do and how did you overcome it (or have you?). Read the book. Join the conversation.

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Coming June 2016

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Dr. Will Miller's unique background as a professional standup comedian, television personality, writer and speaker, along with his five graduate degrees, make him the perfect choice for your next corporate or organizational event. Because of his extensive media background, Dr. Will's presentations are equally compelling on stage, on camera, and by teleseminar.

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